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  • Shelley Frost

Five Top Signs Someone You Love is Being Scammed

I recently wrote an article with this title for Medium. What my sister and I endured during those horrible months when a criminal on the other side of the planet had her in his grasp, is something I hope to warn other's at risk. If you or a loved one is searching for love online, please educate yourselves so that you can recognize a scammer should he appear on your screen. Some of these scammers are highly sophisticated. The guy who latched onto my sister was, as I described him, "...must have earned a Ph.D. in Scammer Sciences."

Yet the vast majority of criminals who think they can dupe you are pretty transparent in their amateur attempts. Their use of the English language is clumsy; their profession of love comes way too fast; they are always in a foreign land due to business or some other critical reason; a crisis occurs where they desperately need your financial help; they always have an excuse as to why they cannot share a video call with you.

We hope our words of advice and our personal experience dealing with a romance scam criminal will help others avoid the same fate.

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