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Do you have a life story that needs to be told?
My passion for animals, family, fitness, and travel is only matched by the great pleasure I take in storytelling. I love to be entertained and that includes listening to the stories my clients tell me. I am captivated by the true drama, adventures, and even the mundane moments of their lives. I am one who can listen to someone telling me the tales and adventures of their experiences without interjecting myself.

When I meet with my client whether together in the privacy of our own space or face to face in a Zoom call, the focus is entirely on the story at hand. I may ask clarifying questions from time to time, and I may prompt my client when their words fade, but at no time will I put the spotlight on myself.

In my work, the ability to listen and absorb is paramount. I will take the information gathered from your spoken words then transform your stories into a compelling book. It is my job and privilege to step into your shoes, taking on your traits and finding your voice as I write the narrative of your story.

Between us, we will identify your audience as well as the themes and lessons your story offers to them. Our aim may be to provide your family with a historical and loving book that you will gift to generations to come. Or your message may have powerful reverberations that can cross continents in its universal ability to help others.

My clients have ranged from business leaders to educators to parents with practical guidance to share. Before you discount your story or shrug off the idea that you couldn't possibly provide some words of wisdom, get in touch with me so we can explore the possibilities. As your sounding board and guide, I will listen, ask questions, mull over what you've told me, then suggest to you your options. Be reassured that I will treat you and your ideas with compassion and respect. In the telling of your story, we will laugh and we will cry - these ranges of emotions are practically guaranteed and reassure us that the depth of your story is being fully developed.

No doubt you and I will come away with a better understanding or helpful interpretations of why things have happened. Your book will be richer for it.

Publishing Houses: Beyond Words; Lyons Press; StoryTerrace; Amazon

Media: Oprah, Dateline, Tammy Faye Show, Gayle King, PEOPLE Magazine, KGO Radio, numerous podcasts, newspaper and magazine articles.
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