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  • Shelley Frost

I've always been intrigued by ghosts so I became one.

Well that is only partially true. Nothing perks my interest more than a good ghost story, horror novel or film. Zombies are a particular favorite of mine, especially when there are hardy, smart, resourceful survivors in the story.

To me, stories are the manna of life. A good book, an excellent podcast or a binge-able series on Netflix makes my happiness meter go up a few notches. This is why I love listening to people tell me the stories of their lives. Even better, when I am given the permission to write their stories into the form of a book, the creative juices flowing through my veins sometimes make me lose precious hours of sleep. If I am working on a life-story, it is all I can do to ignore my laptop, my fingers itching to get back to work.

If you feel your life story needs to be told; if you are ready to re-live the moments that have shaped you into the person you are today, please consider contacting me to write it all down in a way that will cause readers to never want to put the book down. I should not be the only one losing sleep :)

I would be honored to give readers the details of your story, your message, the lessons you have learned. Maybe you have important information, experiences, expertise, knowledge that must not remain bottled up inside of you, but must be shared with others so they can feel affirmation or understanding.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I am available to answer your questions. Let's relive the past so that it lives another day.

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