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Book Club Questions

Why didn’t Linda go to her girlfriends or relatives letting them know she was ready to date again? Why is it that online dating is so alluring for older singles?


Earlier in the relationship between Linda and Scott, should Shelley have been more forceful in her attempts to talk Linda into breaking it off with Scott?


How would your adult children react to you signing up to date online?


What were some of the things Scott said to Linda that seemed so unnatural and suspicious?


Have you known someone who dated online and had a bad experience?


What lessons did Linda learn during her married years that could have helped her be more cautious while dating online?


Shelley was instrumental in removing two father figures from Linda’s life. Do you think that helped Linda or hurt her regarding her relationships with men?


Linda has always been generous to a fault with those who she loves. How do specific personality traits endanger some people to becoming victims of romance scams?


Linda has a deep love for the coast of California, it’s weather patterns, climate and wildlife. Because she moved from her house with little emotion, do you think the romance scam may have tarnished her love for the community where it happened?


In the aftermath of the romance scam when Linda reconnects with Scott, he confesses that his real name is Prince. Do you think he has ever said an honest word to her? Or should she have believed his confession in order to provide her some comfort.

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