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  • Shelley Frost

Can Roosters Catch Colds? Arnie Did!

Many years ago while I served as the Creative Director for an animal sanctuary - Center for Animal Protection & Education (CAPE), I wrote a children's book titled Arnie Catches a Cold. This week the book has been released as an audiobook!

Arnie Catches a Cold is based on a true story about a small but mighty rooster named Arnie who lived at the sanctuary. When he became very sick he was whisked away from his coop and all of his barnyard friends to recover inside the caretaker's house. While he is gone the animals mourn his absence. Meanwhile, Arnie is being treated to a wonderland of delicious foods and warm beds. But despite all the creature comforts bestowed upon him, all he wants is to return to his 'kingdom' where his friends live. Children will relate to Arnie feeling sick, but longing for his friends and playing outside. All profits made from the sale of this audiobook will benefit CAPE.

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