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  • Shelley Frost

"Her King the Con" now out in paperback and Kindle

Riveting true story of one woman's spiral into the arms of an online romance scammer

After quitting my job then working for the next seventeen months writing this book, I look back and realize what a risk I and my sister were taking. She especially. In the book, my sister Linda Young throws open the doors of her private life that to me exemplifies utter courage. She is a person who was a champion of keeping her feelings and emotions hidden lest she be judged on their merit. But after a romance scam wreaked havoc on her bank account and the relationships she held dear, Linda made the deliberate decision to go public, bearing it all. Why? Because what happened to her was so terrifying and real, and because so many thousands of others are becoming victims of these scams, she felt it was important to tell her story so that others may find support. Linda has found a way to forgive herself, coming away stronger, happier and more in touch with her value as a person. We hope her story helps in the healing of others who have lost their money and hearts to con men online.

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