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  • Shelley Frost

Social Catfish Website Interviews Sisters

The website Social Catfish, interviewed me, my sister Linda, her daughter Rebecca and sister-in-law Nancy about how we rescued Linda from a romance scam. My sister had been involved in an online relationship that we all strongly suspected was dangerous. We launched an investigation and eventually unmasked the criminal. My sister lost a large sum of money and her emotional health was ransacked. She is the strongest most courageous person I know. Rather than go into hiding, Linda and I wrote our book Her King the Con: How an Online Love Affair Led to Near Disaster. In the book, Linda does not hold back, detailing the intimate techniques the bad guy used to lure her into his trap. I admire my sister's strength, resolve and her desire to help others caught in these nightmare scams. Please check out this video and read our book, available on Amazon!

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