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  • Shelley Frost

I almost lost my sister

In the summer of 2018, my sister got herself into a pickle. She had met a And as bits of information would trickle in, it became clear this guy was a scammer. But my sister was in deep and would not listen to anyone who threatened to burst her bubble of happiness.

My sister abhorred the notion of me thinking poorly of her actions. She despised being judged by me or anyone close to her. There was little I could do to help, so at first, I just sat back and hoped things would work out.

In the coming weeks, my sister's daughter (my niece), and several of her friends contacted me, worried about this online love interest. We formed "the squad" and began an intensive investigation that included hiring a private investigator, stealing her cell phone, hacking her email, recording conversations and ultimately, visiting the FBI.

But my sister was under the spell of this man. She was brainwashed. Every piece of evidence we brought to her attention she dismissed out of hand, then raged at us for trespassing into her personal life.

To find out how we were able to smash through the scammer's lies, look for my newest book titled HER KING THE CON coming out in time for the holidays.

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